Weather Making

by We Arsons

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The debut album from San Francisco-based We Arsons.
Out March 28th, 2015


released March 28, 2015

We Arsons:
Michael Ballan_vocals, guitars
Gregory Harty_vocals, piano, organ
Rob Mills_drums, vocals
Timothy Vickers_bass
Jesse Adams_piano, organ, rhodes, accorgan

Produced by Michael Ballan
Recorded by Brian Davis
Mixed by Eli Crews
Mastered by Joe LaPorta



all rights reserved


We Arsons San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Broke.Open.Free.
I don’t remember my last voyage across the sea
The long lost lives of the past
Passin planes and prairies
But the sun will rise to meet my eyes
Blindin, beauty-filled with love and light
For the day is open
The sky is open
It’s all free
And it means everything to me

I cannot recall all my love lives spent in bed
While words were blurred
“Hold me” was all you ever said
But you move your way as I move mine too
Sharin it for now is all we can ever do
We’ll end up broken
Cause we’re broken
Cause we’re free
But it still will mean everything to me

So I don’t remember all the little words left unsaid
I was born with a mind that won’t remember
What it wanted to forget
But still I’ll make my case for love, light and grace
As I try to help you through
For you got such a pretty face
Keep it open
And I’ll keep mine open
We’ll make ours free
And your love’ll be all I’ll ever need
Oh the one thing to hold onto into eternity
Forever free
Track Name: The WellWishers
Well where have you gone?
They said you left toward the distance
Just to scream me a song
But I’ve been there before
And for far too long
It’s like the worst has yet to come along

Well where did you fly?
You said my people swarmed around you
Screamin their own goodbye’s
But I could not keep it from comin
Into my mind
For it’s like lookin for the darkness
Without the light

Well where will you go?
Cause I said I’m goin with the Well Wishers
They know the best kinds of swimming holes
But how will I ever know?
Well it’s like my baby’s beginnin
Findin a little time to grow

Well she’s my little lovely lay
She hangs around like some drunk parade
She’s my little lovely mess
Give or take
No more no less
She’s the little flick I feel
When the candle stick burns too slow to be real
She’s that little thing that stings
When I can’t see what no morning will ever bring
Well it’s that slow sudden way we go
No no no no no
It’s the blind line we’re always in
Tell me which one of us you think will win
It’s that way I go to stop
Please please
I am just what I am not
And it’s that little place I’ll be
Until the deathly breeze
Breathes deep down
Comes back around
And drowns me
Track Name: On a Wave
On a wave, on a boat
The salts worn through my coat,
Left my feet dry
But how I’m dyin to be depraved
(To appreciate)
I’m on a wave, could be a bird
Well I saved on my shirt
For that second hand dirt was all I ever craved
(That’s where you’d been that day)
Well I don’t know, I do not know
I could be anyone anything
Oh my god who knows?
(This is all I know)
So say No
Say It Aint So
Say, “Child when will you grow up to die down?”
“Why don’t you just take it slow?”
(Let’s just take it slow)
So here I go, here I go
Like a hummin bird
With a heart not yet for the world to know
(Just watch as it explodes)
Yeah here I go, Here I go
Like the storms of the gust
Like the dirt of the dust
Like the autumn leaves I blow

So I dive on down to the thunder under ground
Watch lightnin happen
And I show myself I am nobody else
Existin in pure abstraction
While the only art I could ever tell apart
Was in the interaction
And for all it was worth on the earth
It was just a fraction

So there you are, there you are
Well I looked through your eyes
But I never dared to see how far
(Since that’s all you are)
Yeah there you are, there you are
And I swear your locks drop down
Like golden fallin shootin stars
(Since I can’t tell nothing apart)
And I won’t say, never need to say
Yet every time you ask I know you know
It’s just that I love you that dearly
So here we go, here we go
Two hearts two souls
You are now forever part of
My greater whole

So we take what we found
we find a spot on the ground
Build a mansion
And as we build our world
We make it strong and secure
We watch a vast expansion
And as we talk our little talks
And while we walk our little walks
We form a relation
Which is all we’ll ever need for a solid foundation

On a wave, on a wave
Culminatin slowly if only to quickly break away
(But what a lovely fade)
I’m on a wave, I am on a wave
And was the sun in my way?
Has it been rainin here
or were your tears all you had to say?
So there’s the sky
I’m so small, I’m so high
But if love is the air
I was born to breathe and fly
So here I go, here I go
To steady my head
Open my heart
Love my soul

And to go “Oh”
To glow like a light
With the water flow
To grow with the trees
Like a breeze blow
Just to go, “Oh, I know so”:
Just to go, “Oh, here I go”
Track Name: Backtrack
The endless sleep’s comin up tonight
The things I read always bled when nobody was left in sight
So hold me up, hold me down
Let me down tonight
I see far too many shapes shiftin in the darkness
Surrounded by light

So hold me up, hold me like a dream
You know that one where it’s all perfect
Exactly as it seems
Then silence the siren sounds
Til it all boils down to a cooler evening
Just tell me everything will be as anything’s ever been

Send me down to the corner store
Send me back, it’s a backtrack
But there’s time for more
Hold me up, hold me down
Set me up, let me down tonight
And whisper to me so slowly
We’ll all one day
See the light

So I’ll hold your song, I’ll keep it in my head
Cause what I saw was wrong will only be gone
When I’m just that far from my death bed
And no I don’t know how the light got so strong
But what’s been said is said

So see me down, seep me down
Today I have been bleed
So seat me down, sleep me down
Tonight I crawl back to bed

Send the sound of the coroner’s roar
Where bodies get brought back
It’s a backtrack when there’s no time for more
Hold me up, hold me down
Let me up, set me down tonight
Ans whisper to me
So sweetly, so softly
We will all one day
See the light
See it right
Uncovered by the night
And it will be all that’s left
In sight
Track Name: Mass Transit (the joke of travel)
There's a freight train comin round,
No one knows where it's been, where's it's bound,
There's a freight train runnin round,
Hoppin fences, fannin forest leaves,
Thick as thieves, it floats over ground

Yeah it goes to break down,
Oh it grieves like a ghost, unbound,
It leaves lost just to try and go get found,
And oh my god, how we all break down

There's a sunkin sea ship settin down,
The coast has grown, now the anchor's thrown
In the center of town,
Such a lovely sea ship lookin so sunkin down,
From the terrace, see the fairest fashions
Behold the ground,

Hear the horn blow,
Watch children, old folks runnin down,
They sit and breathe as the waves drown out the sound,
And the majesty of the pageantry
plays the tragedy when it's never found,
And OMG how we've all sunk down

There's so many jet planes floatin round,
It's captain's carriers break the barriers,
They fly past the world of sound,
There are so many jet planes crashin down,
The wings fold in now, they won't need them anyhow

The people wave as they fall around,
The children play,
They sing, "Fly sky high's the joke of comin down,"
And lover's stare,
Holdin hands as each one withers down,
Lord they pray,
"God's Speed's the joke of slowin down"

And the people wave as we fall around,
They say, "Go, if you gotta go, go learn to settle down,"
But in the mornin, what was left of the night'll get found,
And God damn,
How we all come around,

There's so many people dyin down,
There's so much left undone, Here and Now,
There's so many people bent on comin around,
One after another,
With a need for speed,
To slow down

Oh they go to where the air calms down,
They go sayin, "Let's go settle down"
Track Name: Pass It Off (and slip by)
Well walk like I’m talkin with a spring time that never sat inside
Then I’m sleepin like a weekend gone awry
That never left my mind
Then I’m holdin hounds and sounds just like they’re funny
Funnier and how?
Just screamin dreams that ain’t real but give me money
Need to get rid of both somehow

But tell the birds they can always fly
All night, all night, it’s alright
And tell the world, see you cries
And who will just try to pass it off as a lie

So speakin like a drunken priest evilly dronin
Why does my good soul ever listen at all?
So I set down the cards cause either way my minds moanin
Guess I never had the heart to call
And it aint even any time, yet there I go askin
“How did I get myself here, for real?”
But then my lovely lady Slumber
Show me I can die all night and still feel

And tell the birds they can always cry
All night, all night, it’ll be alright
And go head, sell the world, see who sighs
And who just tries to pass off as much as they can buy

Well rainbow skies in the mornin, tell me how do you sleep?
And for the sidewalk shadows I hid in all night
Well we both got nowhere left to creep
But to hold you oh so dearly close by
Takes somethin on and off my mind
And for your clenched fist I fought all night
Well you lightly loosened your fingers and sorta, kindly
Let me slip by, just slip by, just slip on by

So tell the birds they can in all ways try
All night, all night, it is so? Well then alright
And then tell the worst if it’s just to include all who have died
And see who just tries to pass ya off as another enemy from some other side

But it's alright
Track Name: Spiral Winder
Teacher, teach me the ways of the sun
Preacher, show me how to make love to anyone
Back Breather, make me perfume, make me soar
Be the Lonesome Leaver as you do your do-si-do on the dance floor

So I’ll be the little white dove on the ground
As you’ll be the one true love worth keepin around
And you’ll fly, you’ll get so high
Oh lord you’ll never come down
As I cry in the twilight
Day dreamin you’ll make it back somehow

But if we believe in what they say
That it’s all meant to change
That we were never sent here to stay
But hey it’s alright, oh it’s ok
For we are only headin our own ways
To wind on the down to the beginning

Believer, teach me to shine like the sun
Seething Needer, hold me like someone on the run
Great Griever, pity your loss but celebrate what you’ve won
Grim Reeper, sow what you’ll sow
What I’ve already done

So I’ll be the bright white light
Full bodied all around
As you will be
The blood red sun ascendin to heavenly ground
But unwind the light, find the exact right site
Go make it world renown
While the water runs out to wash right back in
Surrounds the towns that are in to pip squeakin small sounds

Yet if we believe in what we say
That we’re all here to change
That we are only we when we are rearranged
That we are no priced point
But the broadest range
Oh for us it ends the same
In the name of the game
To wind on down to the beginning

Little rabid eye, quench your thirst
Let it bubble up, let it peacefully burst
Release your pain, release your curse
For oh don’t you know
You are for better or worse

So I’ll be the last man on earth left alive
And through my strength
Through my love I’ll survive
And with my soul ascend totem poles
Until I meet my creators eyes
Then I’ll wind on down with that age old sound
Thinkin things are lookin up
They’re on the rise

And if I believe in what I can say
That I’m here with no body to blame
That you and I, we are one in the same
I’m in love with everything
Whether dyin, resurrectin or changing
I’m just windin on down to the beginning
Track Name: Soar, Singin'
You and the birds live in the winds
You both duck for cover when the ground starts shakin
You seemed to have forgotten the sky is spinnin
But at least you remembered your world’s got no end and no beginning

So it’s the paradox of livin,
A world full of eyes, starin at the empty space in it

So you and the birds live within the world's winds
Your wings expand to spread across the land
While the livin dead keep sinkin
It may feel like a dream
But it’s the real time feeling that keeps you blinkin
So stare and get sore, like all the past times before
While the future keeps winkin

Let the last moment pass before you show them
Your insides were leakin
And go lay in the sand, next to the last remainin land
There’s an ocean you’ll soon be drinkin

So you me the birds and our baby girls live in a pearl
We are the world’s winds
Up, we swoop down to loop back around
In the air we soar, singin
We dwell in the milk
it’s in the silk of the lilies we are dreamin
and while I live within this skin
my mind and body may give in
but the soul keeps believing

That there’s nothing left to take,
For nothin greater was ever given
Just make sure you know
What it means for you and your whole
To be in it
Track Name: Real Fine Line
Here comes a man,
With another master plan,
He is searchin to sell, tell ya the time,
You take out your clock,
Say, "This is all I got,"
Ya let him fish out your pretty faults,
To reel in his lines,
He goes... (help)

He aint got no name,
But it's just the same,
For he especially don't see how he's gone awry
Yet still he speaks,
With no tongue, but a cheek,
Ya let him suck all the tears away
Until you're dry,
Ya both go...

He's a real fine
Man of a guy
He's a real fine lie
He's real fine,
For some other man's guy
He's a real fine line

So ya sit and ya stare,
Take in all you do dare,
For his poison won't scare,
But what he wears'll make ya cry,
With no original subtlety,
Just forgery,
And there goes another life,
Another breath has been bid goodbye
It makes all go...(sorry)(no)

For he sails under rainclouds,
Sees no sun to tell him to try,
Tell him it's a real fine lie
He sets sail for rainclouds
Needs no one to tell him to die
Tell him it's a real fine line
Track Name: In The Wake
In the wake of a passing dream
I see each face
Reduce what each thing means
In the place where I grew to sing
I take my faith from my strength
My weakness I bring

And there it was always like I was escaping
But hey here it’s kinda like I’m always changing

So another day of time well spent
I breathe in, arrange my fingers
Remember what it meant
Another look at the sky,
One more sunset
And in the dark quiet of the night
I'll always forget

Yeah and I’m always payin someone else’s rent
But hey it’s cool,
Either way it’s money well spent

So in the wake I met ya today
Not one word uttered, for far too much to say
So wrapped up in cloaks, we make our way
To bid farewell to those who stay

But I think tonight I’d like to stay
I think I’d like just to say
I’ll make a way, I’ll make a way, I’ll make a way
To be able to say
I did it my way
Track Name: TimeTaker
Take your time to tell her why
you never wanna know me
Everyone’s come and gone
So I won’t let you hold me
And in a dream, the sun’s beams
Were arms outreached to the lonely
But I awoke to the song of the fog-filled dawn
With you, your eyes were glowin
In the knowin

So here I am, there I go
I’m hangin on
I keep a tight rope scope on the hope
Of an early dawn
And there I am, here I go
I’m headed on
Step by step and breath by breath
Til I’m gone
And I keep rainin on
For that song, where I belong

Take your time to tell them why
The world is what you owe me
That you’ll never know how high you can go
Cause the body’s always moldin
But if it swirls, if it twists and twirls
It eventually starts unfoldin
And if we’d all just hum one Sunday song
The world could be our organ
Our organs

But there I am, here I go
I’m holdin on
I hold a tight knit stitch on the switch
Of a burnin dawn
And here I am, there I go
Buildin on
Brick by brick and tick by tick
Til it’s done
But it keeps rainin on
In that sun
That burns on and on

In a daydream
We end up escaping
To the places we are from
Weather making
Can be back breaking
For all in all it’s all been done
For fun

So take your time and understand why
Tomorrow lives in the corner
And no more makin misbelieves
There’s such things as disorder
So if I need be one more being
That decides I’m the guy to show her
Well I don’t need a century
To see how feeling grow me older

Older older
Time aint older
You just get colder
Until you’re the molder
Then you will say I told her told her
Told her

So here I am, there I go
I’m passin on
As the tight eyes talks turn to quiet walks
Towards a blazing dawn
And there I am, here I go
Breathing on
Word by word and urge by urge
Til they’re all gone
And I’ll keep rainin on